Sustainable Logging that Benefits Your Land.

Do you have woods or timber with mature Walnut or White Oak trees that are ready to harvest? Choosing a logger directly influences the growth and condition in which your land is left, along with the amount of income you earn from the timber sale. Poignant Logging respects your woodlands and utilizes sustainable logging practices that preserve, conserve, and protect your land and timber to ensure new flex-growth of high value trees so that you have the option to harvest again. Poignant Logging has been practicing responsible logging and exporting of wood for over 25 years. We export saw logs and veneer timber in the following species: Black Walnut, White Oak and Red Oak.

Our hope is to develop and maintain a long standing relationship with landowners that will enable harvests now and in the future, Poignant Logging will only select timber that is mature and ready for harvest.

Timber Buying Process

Want to Know the Value of Your Standing Timber? Request an Appraisal.

We will come to your land, assess your trees, and provide an appraisal of your timber at no cost and with no obligation.