About Us

About Us

Poignant Logging, is a family owned and operated business located in Lacon, Illinois. Poignant Logging has been purchasing standing timber and logging Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin and Indiana since 1995. LeRoy Poignant, the company owner, has built his business around building a strong reputation with clients for being honest, trustworthy and fair. We specializes in selective harvest hardwood management and the reforestation of your land. Our expertise allow customers to get the most money for their mature trees while leaving the younger trees for the future.

What We Do

With over 25 years in the logging industry, Poignant Logging has the equipment that can undertake any type of terrain, size or species of tree. Our professional land and timber buyers are located throughout Illinois and are available to assist with your timber harvesting needs. Our experience has awarded us an unrivaled reputation for quality, value and integrity.


We've been helping landowners responsibly harvest their timber for more than 25 years.